Virtual CSO

Ensuring cyber security can seem like a daunting task. With the ever-changing and fast-paced environment of technology, new threats are being revealed at a dizzying pace. And not every business can staff their own Chief Security Officer to keep up. Perhaps you’re understaffed, overcommitted and just don’t have the time to take on more responsibility. Electric Alchemy consultants can be the trusted advisor for your company’s computer security program, and help you develop an effective program that will allow the business to improve, and not be hindered by security. Our virtual CSO services allow us to partner with your company and work alongside your management and technical teams to help you build a new security program or strengthen your existing one. We provide a critical layer of expertise than can translate confusing technical information into business terms upper management understands. Electric Alchemy consultants work closely with executives, developers, and engineers to create a strategy which addresses the immediate requirements whether your business has been around for a while, or you are trying to secure venture capital and/or new business, all while providing a road map for future growth.

We recognize that information security risk is just another form of risk that your business must manage. And at Electric Alchemy, we take a pragmatic approach to securing your enterprise, and recognize that security is a tradeoff between assurance, usability and cost.

Incident Response

Do you know, or suspect that your company’s security has been breached? These days, hackers are motivated by profit or politics, more than glory. Thus it’s unlikely that a breach will result in overt symptoms like defacement of your company’s website. It’s far more likely that the breach will result in the installation of a persistent agent which will use covert channels to allow the attacker to maintain a continuous malicious presence in your network, accessing critical data from your business or private to your client.

Electric Alchemy consultants are experienced in performing forensically sound post-incident analysis and investigations. We can help your company determine the extent of the breach, contain the incident, and get your operations back up and running as quickly as possible.

Whether the attack was perpetrated by anonymous malicious Internet users, or trusted insiders, Electric Alchemy can help you recover, and ensure that the situation is handled discreetly and professionally.

We have relationships with various law enforcement agencies and legal teams experienced in cybercrime that we can leverage to ensure that guilty parties are brought to justice and that your company complies with appropriate breach notification requirements.


Electric Alchemy provides comprehensive security education training for developers, security professionals and managers. We know that education and training is one of the critical building blocks to achieving cyber security in an organization.

Since inception, Electric Alchemy has taught scores of developers, architects, testers, and managers how to build and test applications and networks that ensure security. Through individual course offerings, to entire training initiatives.


Gerrit, and the Electric Alchemy team, offers a high level of professional integrity and technical competence to any task.

— Mark Nelson, PA-S at Medical University of South Carolina