With the widespread adoption of remote workforces, wireless networks, and VPN deployments, the traditional definition of the “internal network” has changed. As a result, modern business networks are often targeted by a disgruntled employee or an unknown entity who has managed to gain unauthorized access through your VPN, wireless network, or compromised employee workstation.

Internal & External Network Testing

Our internal and external network testing on your IT infrastructure reveals the company’s vulnerabilities that are exposed to anyone who may be on the Internet or internal networks.  We look at potential threats to business sensitive information, such as credit card information, HR Data, and valuable intellectual property. Discovered vulnerabilities, or procedural deficiencies, can then be prioritized based on the risk they present.

Application and Network Vulnerability Management & Remediation

Most web applications and network infrastructures change over time, and with those changes may come new vulnerabilities. After performing an initial test of your web applications & network infrastructure, Electric Alchemy recommends ongoing testing of your applications and network to monitor for any new vulnerabilities which may be introduced. We work with your company to help implement processes, procedures, and secure coding practices to help you manage your vulnerability surface, and can also help your staff develop changes to your code and architecture to permanently mitigate the vulnerabilities.

Web Application and Custom Software Penetration Testing

Whether you have a web application that needs the scrutiny of a trained security expert, or a custom built Linux distribution that needs to be tested from the inside out, Electric Alchemy consultants have the ability to dive deep into applications quickly and efficiently. We actively support the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), and our consultants are well known experts in the field of Web Application security.



Our management team was impressed with Electric Alchemy’s techniques and their ability to conduct timely assessments that covered a broad range of vulnerabilities and risk areas.

— Len Sutton, Critical IT and Processes in Excellent Organizations

Code Review

Deploying a particularly sensitive application? While blackbox testing can be very effective at identifying many security issues, combining blackbox testing with source code review (known as greybox testing) is the best way to gain maximum assurance. Our consultants provide expert security code review services for several popular web application development languages and frameworks, including .NET, Java, ObjectiveC, PHP, Python, Go Swift, and Ruby. These reviews will often reveal subtle issues that can be serious vulnerabilities to you.

Mobile Application Security Assessments

Electric Alchemy consultants have performed deep security assessments on sensitive mobile applications on platforms ranging from Windows Mobile to Apple’s iOS and Android. We understand that the security of your app solution is only as good as the weakest link, and we work with you to fully understand your architecture and properly model your threats prior to performing a technical assessment.