About Us

Unfortunately, countless businesses have succumbed to security failures lately. But it’s not only Big Box retail stores that are getting hacked—although those are the ones that are reported most in the press. Large organizations such as Sony, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and even security giants like RSA experienced serious compromises that shook the confidence of their customers.

As cyber threats evolve, so do we. Founded in 2003, Electric Alchemy strives to provide high value expertise to our clients, CTAbringing to the table strong technical background to mitigate your specific security risk with customized solutions.  We only recommend solutions that we believe in and would implement ourselves. We are a boutique security consultancy headquartered in Denver, Colorado USA, testing security controls for our customers since our inception. Our consultants work with you to understand what is important to your business and target areas that present the greatest risk, while causing minimal disruption to your environment.

Our core competency is providing comprehensive security assurance to clients. We follow a tried and tested hands-on approach on each engagement, ensuring consistently, high quality results.

Our practice has embraced the rapidly evolving area of application security, smartphone and mobile application security. We have also established a reputation as leaders in the field of full scope assessment, modifying our methodology to closely match the advanced persistent threats seen in modern targeted attacks.

We have experience in many industries and varied business sizes. No client and no cyber threat is too big or too small for us.

From blackbox assessments to greybox application tests, security assessments are our specialty. Relying on extensive experience performing manual ‘ethical hacking’ rather than depending on automated tools, Electric Alchemy has a proven track record of finding flaws that other assessors miss. We also discover your vulnerabilities and offer you the recommendations needed to close the gaps.

EA-GerritGerrit Padgham
President & Principal Security Consultant

Starting as a Linux Systems Administrator and PHP Developer, Gerrit has been taking stuff apart since he was a small child, always curious how things worked, from the inside out. This curiosity has extended well into his professional career. Gerrit excels at digging deep into complex systems and understanding their many moving parts and inter-relationships. He works precisely, with integrity, and is always resourceful.

Through his early consulting experiences, he was exposed to vast amounts of technologies which were applied to an even greater number of business models. This exposure, along with the demands to “make it work”, quickly set Gerrit apart as the “go to guy” to get things done.

Gerrit’s specialties include security architecture; penetration testing; application security; and configuration as code. He is a certified CISSP and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

Gerrit is also a field active member of the Evergreen, Colorado based Alpine Rescue Team.

EA_DougDoug Bell
Senior Infrastructure Consultant

As an IT professional with experience and success on a broad range of platforms, projects, and initiatives, Doug can’t help but be the detail oriented guy he has turned out to be.  With that comes the ability to look at a problem from all angles to ensure that a complete solution is built.

Involved with the planning, analysis, and implementation of solutions in support of business objectives for both internal and external customers, Doug’s large skill set includes PC, Solaris/Linux, MySQL, security, systems monitoring, networking, programming and storage. This hands-on experience in all stages of product life cycles, from requirements through testing and ongoing support allows Doug to excel at taking extremely varied requirements and coming up with creative and cost-effective solutions.

Doug’s specialties include Linux and VMWare system administration; systems monitoring, SAN planning and implementation, MySQL servers, infrastructure planning and implementation, data center migration, and security.

In his spare time, Doug is an Jeep enthusiast and can often be found at the motocross track with his son.