mobile Privacy

Identifying Leaky Smartphone Apps

In the wake of the WSJ's "What They Know" inquiry it was obvious to us that for average smartphone users there is not much that can be done to prevent the leakage of sensitive information.

Technically savvy users can jailbreak their iPhones or root their Androids or create special network environments to gain visibility into their smartphone traffic. However, for normal people the phone is a black box they can't peer into.

Our MobileScope project aims to change that.

Project Goals

The primary goal of the MobileScope project is to provide a service whereby users of smartphones can quickly and easily see what information is emanating from their smartphone.

We also understand that people interested in privacy may also be hesitant to trust anybody but themselves with their data. Thus we will release an open source portable MobileScope virtual machine so that technically savvy users can run our solution in their own infrastructure.

Capacity for the private beta is limited, but please sign up to be notified when our public beta expands.